Doom or be Doomed

TITLE: "Doom or be Doomed (a french tribute to Cathedral)"

YEAR: 2019


  1. PILLARS - Mourning of a New Day
  2. GOAT RIVER - Ebony Tears
  3. LUX INCERTA - Serpents Eve
  4. MISANTHROPE - Soul Sacrifice (version française)
  5. RESUMPTION - Equilibrium
  6. ATARAXIE - Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain
  7. BARABBAS - Ride (version française)
  8. MONOLITHE - Enter The Worm(hole)s
  9. CONVICTION - Stained Glass Horizon
  10. NORTHWINDS - Voodoo Fire
  11. FATHER MERRIN - Congregation of Sorceres
  12. DIONYSIAQUE - This Body, Thy Tomb

album tribute to CATHEDRAL, mythical group of the english doom scene of the years 1990 and 2000. With the participation of many groups, all issued from the french Doom or other scene, as Misanthrope, Ataraxie, Monolithe, Barabbas ...

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